by shiver.

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Zachary Nix
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Zachary Nix Love this EP, and the fact that these are some local boys makes it so worth the purchase. Nothing is too rushed, and every part of every song is delivered in such a patient manner- allowing for a very relaxed listen. Can't possibly pick a favorite track. Highly recommend listening to the EP as one entire piece.
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DOM these guys are real chill. take a listen Favorite track: Home.
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released June 17, 2014

Chris Babbitt-Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyz
Nick Finestone-Guitar
Ross Pszenny-Drumz

Recorded at The Office Recording in North Andover, MA.
Mixed/mastered by Mike Moschetto

2014 © Clark Records


all rights reserved



shiver. Salem, Massachusetts

A rock band from Salem, MA.

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Track Name: Cardinals
Its so hard

I thought it would be nice if I did this on my own, but I realized I needed you all along

Its so hard, I don't know what I'm feeling
Its so hard, Im starring at the celling

I found thats its best if I'm lost without you, than to be upset because of you
Track Name: Numb
Get me out of this house where the air is warmer and my thoughts begin to wander, is what I have worth saving.
We woke up the next morning in shame, we washed it away I pretended i was sleeping.
Get me out of this house where the air is clearer and my thoughts begin to linger, is what have worth chasing.
We woke up the next morning in shame and we washed it all away you pretended you were sleeping.

Suddenly everything changed
As the air bites my face
You'll look away and you'll say,

Today is the day the rain will wash me away, it seems that every night I'm up I wish sane, and I wish there was a way to help me numb all the pain, but I'm constinetly laying down and always feeling so weak, with all these thoughts locked up inside of my brain, it makes it harder to think or even contemplate speaking, but I will not complain, I'll keep all the awful habits that we couldn't break, I'll just say that I'm here and that I'm here to stay but i know how it happens, it always happens this way, hiding my emotions always ends up the same, but maybe thats why
I never stay in one place, maybe that's why I never stay in one place.
Track Name: Vital Signs
Ill admit that I've more than realized that I wasn't built to feel alive
The way that you look at me would you let me know, would you let me know?

Ill admit that I wish you told me the truth how you felt about me,
That you needed, you needed someone with positive vital signs

Keep doing all the same things, I cant help but grow timid with age, I wish I could slow things down and put my feet back on the ground
Track Name: Still Breathing
I know that your there but I'm still scared, I've lost everything that we once shared,
You know that I care but its so unfair, do you really think we could be repaired

Someday you'll find me amongst the clouds and the light rain
Someday you'll need me and we might become able to communicate

Im getting sick again of the way you keep your thoughts in your head, Im getting sick again
Im getting sick again its way to hard to play pretend I guess Ill just forget

I'm still breathing

Someday you'll find me amongst the clouds and the light rain
Someday you'll need me and we might become able to communicate
Track Name: Home
Theres something about the way
The waves are crashing down on me
Yesterday was the last day
Of summer, summers ending

You promised
This was permanent
You said it
I'm forgotten

Come home, come home to me
Are you alone I cant see
I should've known what you'd need
When I'm alone I cant breathe

Its back to the start
You still have my heart
When they sound the alarm
Would you grab my arm

Don't tell me we're coming
Theres something were missing
Don't tell me we're leaving
Theres something were missing

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